EAN-13 and UPC-A Size Specifications

Our standard EAN-13 and UPC-A barcode packages are supplied at 100% magnification (37.29mm x 25.93mm).

For printing barcodes GS1 advises a minimum of 80% magnification and a maximum of 200% magnification.  We suggest following this guideline if your product packaging can reasonably accomodate it.

There are however many products in the supply chain that break with these guidelines to meet size constraints of product packaging or lables.

The smallest minimum barcode size we are able to supply is 10mm x 20mm.  It should be noted if you reduce your codes below the recommended amount you may run into scanning issues in future depending on the scanner.  The more truncated or smaller the code the less likely the code will scan properly e.g. a small truncated barcode alongside a pen may not scan correctly until the pen is straightened out for the infared scanner to read horizontally.

The supplied .EPS file is optimal for resizing.

The 2540 DPI EPS file supplied can be size adjusted in graphic editing software without loss of image quality, given that the proportions of the barcode are not altered. When truncating a barcode please ensure the barcode is cut (across the top) rather than dragging the edges around to fit as altering it proportionally can negativley affect scanning.