Company Prefix

A company prefix comprises the first few digits of a barcode number and can be between 5 and 11 digits long (variable length prefix). Company prefixes are often used to indentify a company within an EDI system.   In most cases a company prefix is not required as the majority of retailers simply require a globally unique barcode number to represent the product being sold.  However some larger retailers using EDI systems may require a vendor to have a company prefix.

Generally companies can obtain a globally unique company prefix via direct membership with GS1.  The prefix issued by GS1 is then used by the company to create product codes such as EAN-13 and UPC-A.  Unfortunately direct GS1 membership is an expensive option for small businesses and requires ongoing annual fees to maintain the prefix.

Obtaining a Company Prefix with Oz Barcodes

Packages of 10, 100 or 1000 purchased through Oz Barcodes will include a globally unique prefix.  With these packages there’s no need to create product codes as the full barcode numbers supplied includes the company prefix, product code and final check digit.  The numbers are allocated as follows.

10 package will include an 11 digit company prefix with number allocation 0 – 9 (for up to 10 unique products)
100 package will include a 10 digit company prefix with number allocation 00 – 99 (for up to 100 unique products)
1000 package will have a 9 digit unique company prefix with number allocation 000 – 999 (for up to 1000 unique products)